Author: UMD AAUP Executive Committee

Why We Need Collective Bargaining: The Campaign for a More Just and Democratic Workplace

Between November 3rd and 7th UMD AAUP members voted on whether to move forward with a campaign for collective bargaining rights for all faculty (including librarians and postdoctoral associates) in the University System of Maryland, Morgan State University (MSU), and St. Mary’s College of Maryland (SMCM). Out of 151 votes tallied and one abstention, 146 […]

Here’s What’s in UMD’s Wallet: The Results of the Comprehensive Independent Financial Analysis

On April 22nd, 2022, UMD AAUP presented the results of our comprehensive independent financial analysis of the University of Maryland, College Park. Led by university finance expert Professor Howard Bunsis, we reviewed the data on the university’s financial situation. (A video of this presentation is above, linked here too.) The results were shocking and present […]

What’s in UMD’s Wallet? Presentation of Our Comprehensive Financial Analysis of UMD

We are excited to present the results of the UMD AAUP-commissioned comprehensive financial analysis of UMD College Park on Friday, April 22nd at 2pm. Professor Howard Bunsis, a distinguished professor of accounting and expert on university finances, will lead us through his analysis. All attendees much register in advance for this event. Please email us […]

UMD AAUP Expresses Concerns about University Leadership’s Approach to COVID19 for the Spring Semester

17 January 2022 Dear President Pines, Provost Rice, and Chief Medical Officer Marinopoulos: As officers of our campus chapter of the American Association of University Professors, we write to express our appreciation that UMD has taken some crucial steps to mitigate the spread of COVID19 and also to express our concerns.  We are concerned mainly […]

Help us crack open UMD’s Finances!

Have you ever wondered how UMD spends all its money? Or why there always seems to be money available for athletics, fancy new buildings, and the sky-high salaries of university upper administrators, but the university pleads poverty when we ask for living wages for staff and graduate students, meaningful childcare support, new faculty lines, or […]