Here’s What’s in UMD’s Wallet: The Results of the Comprehensive Independent Financial Analysis

On April 22nd, 2022, UMD AAUP presented the results of our comprehensive independent financial analysis of the University of Maryland, College Park. Led by university finance expert Professor Howard Bunsis, we reviewed the data on the university’s financial situation. (A video of this presentation is above, linked here too.)

The results were shocking and present a picture of the university at odds with the one that the university leadership portrays publicly. While publicly claiming to “invest in people and communities” and “take on humanity’s grand challenges” in their new ten-year strategic plan, university management has done precisely the opposite.

UMD leadership has disinvested in the people who make the university run, paying poverty level wages to front-line staff, graduate students, and many contingent faculty. Instead of focusing their financial resources on investments in instructional and research faculty to help solve our world’s great challenges, they have lavishly raised their own salaries and poured millions of dollars to prop up a deficit-ridden athletics program.

For a summary of the report’s findings, please see our executive summary.

We have also prepared a press release with a summary of the findings and reaction quotes from UMD faculty and graduate students.

The full report can be accessed here.