The University of Maryland chapter of the American Association of University Professors (UMD AAUP) is a membership organization that advocates for the interests of all UMD faculty and for a just university that meets its obligations to the state of Maryland, the surrounding communities, and beyond. UMD AAUP promotes and defends the university as an educational institution that serves the broader UMD community through research, teaching, and public outreach; prioritizes the collective well-being of the UMD community broadly defined; defends academic freedom at UMD and throughout academe; promotes meaningfully shared university governance and encourages faculty participation in governance at UMD; advocates for racial justice and gender equality on and off campus; focuses on the wellbeing of the most vulnerable members of our community; rejects austerity budgets and corporate forms of university management; promotes a people-centered vision of the university; and builds solidarity among university workers across ranks at UMD and across institutions.

We welcome members from all departments, schools and colleges at UMD, and we apply the broadest definition of faculty: all those employed primarily in research and/or teaching at a professional level regardless of title, including standing faculty, contingent faculty, graduate scholars and instructors, and librarians, archivists, curators, and technicians whose work involves or substantially contributes to research or teaching.


of UMD

President: Karin Rosemblatt

Vice President: Daniel Greene

Treasurer: Marcus Johnson

Secretary: Sabrina Baron

Executive Committee Member At-large #1: John MacIntosh

Executive Committee Member At-large #2: Katherine Wasdin

Graduate Student Representative: Andrea Gutmann-Fuentes

If you too believe a better, more people-centered UMD is possible, join UMD AAUP and help us make it happen!