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Commentary: University administrators wrong on facts of collective bargaining dispute

Louiqa Raschid and Luka Arsenjuk, professors at the University of Maryland, explain in The Baltimore Banner what University System of Maryland leadership gets wrong about collective bargaining for USM faculty and graduate workers…
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Maryland lawmakers, union leaders seek to extend labor rights to more librarians, state workers

Hannah Gaskill of the Baltimore Sun provides coverage of new bills in support of collective bargaining for state workers, including House Bill 493 which would extend collective bargaining rights to graduate…
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Stop Stifling UMD Graduate Workers’ Voices. Grant Them Collective Bargaining Rights.

Read Rigby Phillips of the Graduate Labor Union’s Legislative Team in The Diamondback on why graduate assistants have the right to decide for themselves whether they want to a union…
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UMD Labor Organizations ask USM Board of Regents to Support Collective Bargaining Rights

On September 21st, UMD AAUP joined with UMD’s Graduate Labor Union and the campus Local 1072 of AFSCME in a rally ahead of the University System of Maryland’s Board of Regents meeting on September 22nd…
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Stonewalled, Disrespected, and Dismissed

The Chronicle of Higher Education interviewed UMD AAUP and Fearless Student Employees in the wake of hearings on a collective bargaining bill that would dramatically reshape labor relations at the University System of Maryland campuses, Morgan State University, and St. Mary’s College of Maryland…
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Collective Bargaining Rights For Academic Workers Will Strengthen Our Public Higher Education Institutions

Dr. Karin Rosemblatt, President of UMD AAUP and professor of History at the University of Maryland, is featured in Maryland Matters, discussing collective bargaining and the benefits it could bring to institutions of highter education in the state of Maryland…
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Why We Need Collective Bargaining: The Campaign for a More Just and Democratic Workplace

Between November 3rd and 7th UMD AAUP members voted on whether to move forward with a campaign for collective bargaining rights for all faculty (including librarians and postdoctoral associates) in…
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How safe are you and the students in the classroom?

Our survey of our members at the start of the Fall 2022 semester revealed a high level of concern regarding classroom transmission of COVID19, and the unilateral decision by UMD…
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Here’s What’s in UMD’s Wallet: The Results of the Comprehensive Independent Financial Analysis

On April 22nd, 2022, UMD AAUP presented the results of our comprehensive independent financial analysis of the University of Maryland, College Park. Led by university finance expert Professor Howard Bunsis…
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