Author: UMD AAUP Executive Committee

UMD AAUP Expresses Concerns about University Leadership’s Approach to COVID19 for the Spring Semester

17 January 2022 Dear President Pines, Provost Rice, and Chief Medical Officer Marinopoulos: As officers of our campus chapter of the American Association of University Professors, we write to express our appreciation that UMD has taken some crucial steps to mitigate the spread of COVID19 and also to express our concerns.  We are concerned mainly […]

Help us crack open UMD’s Finances!

Have you ever wondered how UMD spends all its money? Or why there always seems to be money available for athletics, fancy new buildings, and the sky-high salaries of university upper administrators, but the university pleads poverty when we ask for living wages for staff and graduate students, meaningful childcare support, new faculty lines, or […]

UMD AAUP Concerned about Elements of University’s Ten-year Strategic Planning Process

11 October 2021 Dear Provost Rice, We write in reference to the Strategic Planning process that you announced to the UMD community in your recent email on 23 September 2021. We recognize the importance of this periodic exercise, especially given the new leadership on our campus. We are concerned about some aspects of the process, […]

Welcome Fall 2021 from UMD AAUP (+elections)!

The UMD AAUP Chapter is gearing up for an eventful year. As you may have heard, President Pines has hired the Huron Consulting Group to draft a Ten Year Strategic Plan for UMD. Our past strategic plans have reflected the recommendations of a committee representing the broader UMD community. Huron by contrast has earned a […]

The USM Strategic Planning: The UMD-AAUP Response

Dear Colleagues, We write to alert you to the Strategic Plan that is currently being outsourced by the University System of Maryland (USM) to the for-profit Huron Consulting Group. Huron has also been hired by UMD-College Park to facilitate the creation of UMD-CP’s own strategic plan this year. Why is this important? The USM plan is central to defining the role of Maryland’s public universities, and it […]

What’s next? Let’s Make UMD a Better University!

Thank you to everyone who joined us on April 16th for our General Meeting and to everyone who couldn’t attend, but who got in touch with us. We are excited to recap our conversation and to lay out ways that everyone can get involved–at whatever level of engagement makes best sense to each of you.  […]