We are the University of Maryland chapter of the American Association of University Professors

We believe that a better university is possible

Are you upset with the direction that the University of Maryland (UMD) has headed towards in recent years?

We are too.

So we started the UMD chapter of the American Association of University Professors (UMD AAUP) to push back against the corporatization of UMD and to build a more just and a more compassionate future for the university.

We are open to all graduate student instructors and researchers, adjunct and professional track faculty, library faculty, and tenure-track faculty.

See our About page for more details on our work and sign up here to get involved.

We want a university that does not just talk about democracy, justice, and racial and gender equality, but puts these values into action in its budget and operations.

Do you too want to see a more compassionate, people-centered University of Maryland? Join us and become a member of @UMD_AAUP today!

Latest News from UMD AAUP

Why We Need Collective Bargaining: The Campaign for a More Just and Democratic Workplace
Between November 3rd and 7th UMD AAUP members voted on whether to move forward with a campaign for collective bargaining rights for all faculty (including librarians and postdoctoral associates) in the University System of Maryland, …
How safe are you and the students in the classroom?
Our survey of our members at the start of the Fall 2022 semester revealed a high level of concern regarding classroom transmission of COVID19, and the unilateral decision by UMD administration to not require masking …
Open Letter: UMD AAUP Challenges UMD Covid Policies
We received an overwhelming response from our members last month when we surveyed you on the university leadership's abrupt decision to drop classroom mask protections. As we outline in our open letter to UMD leadership, …

If you too believe a better, more people-centered UMD is possible, join UMD AAUP and help us make it happen!